Hi! My name is Jane and I am glad to see you at the “Whiskers, paws & tail” photography studio. The story how my studio has emerged is very simple: I was born, learned to walk and walked out of the house. In the yard, I saw a kitten and has immediately fallen in love. I grasped it and brought home. As soon as got big enough to hold my dad’s camera – which I have fallen in love with even earlier – the two passions have finally melted together. That is how I became an animalist photographer.

Ever since those early days cats have been following me. There were not too many of them, because they live long and hopefully happy lives beside me. My camera is with me all the time, too, and through its frame I watch the lives of not only the cats but of the whole planet: countries and towns, seas and oceans, sometimes even people. Now I know for sure: every creature is beautiful, unique, expressive and sincere and the world is full of harmony and perfection. The only question is: can the photographer reveal it in his work? People say I can.

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